You have two options to add content to GoOpen CT: with the Open Author tool or with the Submit from Web tool. Use Submit from Web when you find an education resource on the Internet and would like to share it with others. With Submit from Web, you can submit the resource to GoOpen CT for review and approval.

  1. Log in to GoOpen CT.
  2. Select Add OER from the top of the screen, and then select Add Link from the Submit from Web section.

Step 1: Enter the URL for your resource and select Continue.

Step 2: Review and edit the suggested metadata (fields marked with an asterisk* are required):


Step 3: Preview and Submit. 

  1. Review the Preview of your resource to ensure it is accurately described.
  2. If desired, replace the auto-generated image for your resource.
  3. Select Go Back to edit your description.
  4. When the resource is finan, select Submit.

If you are a trusted user (a member of a hub or group), your new resource will be published immediately. If you are not a trusted user, your new resource will appear on your My Items page with the status Pending. Administrators will review your resource and publish it if it meets quality standards. You will receive an email to notify you that your resource has been approved and is now available on the site.