Installation Process Overview

Here is a high-level overview of the installation process. 

  1. The GoOpen CT Administrator sends an email to each college’s LMS Administrator. The email contains tool configuration details and a link to this article.

  2. The LMS Administrator sets up the Tool consumer in Moodle and sends data back to the GoOpen CT Administrator.

  3. The GoOpen CT Administrator sets up the tool in GoOpen CT and notifies the LMS Administrator to begin testing the tool. 

Supported Browsers and Platforms

ISKME supports the LTI 1.3 tool in GoOpen CT for Moodle and Open LMS in these browsers and platforms.

Operating System

(last 2 versions)


Windows 10

Firefox, Chrome, Edge

Mac OS 11

Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Mac OS 10.15

Firefox, Chrome, Safari

ChromeOS 87



Android 10

Firefox, Chrome

Android 11

Firefox, Chrome

iOS 10.14

Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Content Selection

The LTI 1.3 tool allows any educator to browse and embed media objects alongside other content within assignments, or to select content which comprises entire modules, lessons, or units. All users can search content added to GoOpen CT Collections. Additionally, users can also browse or search content from Group Shared Folders and personal My Items libraries, if that content has been configured and made available. 

Authentication and Account Provisioning

The tool will automatically create new GoOpen CT accounts for instructors if they don’t already have one, and grant instructors access to all of their college’s private GoOpen CT collections and all shared GoOpen CT collections. Account information from GoOpen CT is not collected or stored for student users. Instead, students have view-only access to GoOpen CT content that their instructors have embedded in Moodle and Opencourses.

LTI 1.3 Tool Preview Images

Here are preview images of the content provided by the LTI tool. When an instructor adds a new activity using the GoOpen CT LTI tool, the instructor will be able to search and browse items in their college’s Collections, their own personal saved Items, and their GoOpen CT Group folders. 

This screen shows what browsing My Collections looks like in the LTI 1.3 tool.

This screen shows what browsing My Items looks like in the LTI 1.3 tool.

This screen shows what browsing My Group folders looks like in the LTI 1.3 tool.

Getting Set Up in Moodle

Get Your LTI Installation Information Credentials 

Contact the GoOpen CT Administrator at support@goopenct.org and ask for LTI 1.3 tool installation information. 

Installing and Configuring the App in Moodle

LTI 1.3 must be installed by your GoOpen CT Administrator and your LMS Administrator. It can’t be installed by teachers or course managers. For more information about LTI 1.3’s security features, refer to Why Platforms and Tools Should Adopt LTI 1.3 by IMS Global. 

Follow these steps to create a new LTI Tool in Moodle.

1. Go to Site Administration.

2. Select the Plugins tab.

3. Scroll down to Activity Modules and select Manage Tools (under External Tool).


  1. Select Configure tool manually

  1. Complete the Tool settings. This section contains the values you will send to the GoOpen CT Administrator so the GoOpen CT Administrator can set up the tool.  

    1. For Tool URL, enter the Tool URL supplied by the GoOpen CT Administrator.

    2. For LTI version, select LTI 1.3 

    3. For Public key type, select RSA key

  1. For Initiate login URL and Redirection URL(s), enter the URLs supplied by the GoOpen CT Administrator.

  2. For Tool configuration usage, select the default Show as preconfigured tool when adding to an external tool.

  3. For Default launch container, select the default Embed, without blocks.

  1. In the Privacy section, for Share launcher’s name with tool, select Delegate to teacher.

  2. For Share launcher’s email with tool, select Always. (We won’t be able to log in instructors automatically if this isn’t set to Always.)

  3. For Accept grades from the tool, select Never.

  4. Select the box for Force SSL to ensure secure connections.

  1. Select Save changes.

Accessing and Sharing Tool Configuration Details

  1. Go to Manage activities and select the Tool configuration details icon next to the gear iconThe GoOpen CT Administrator needs the Tool configuration details to complete the setup. Select Email to send to support@goopenct.org.

  1. After the GoOpen CT Administrator notifies you that the tool is configured, let your instructors know the tool name that you chose so they can access the tool to add content to their courses.

  2. To access Tool settings later, select the gear icon.