This article explains how to use an already installed LTI 1.3 tool, to add content to your Canvas courses. 

Before you can add content to your Canvas Courses, you will need to have your Canvas Admin submit a Help Desk Ticket and go through the process of installing the LTI tool in your Canvas instance. 

Add an LTI Link to Your Canvas Course

  1. Log in to Canvas and navigate to your desired course. 

  2. Select Modules from the left side of the screen.

  1. Select the + button for the module where you want to add the link.

  1. Choose External Tool from the Add dropdown menu, and then select the tool from the list of available options.  

  2. If a login screen appears, click the "Link Accounts" button to verify your identity. You only have to link your credentials once, the very first time you use the LTI tool.

  3. After you log in, review the Collections available. (This sample screen may not reflect your collections.)

    Tip: In Canvas, the My Collections/My Items/My Groups window does not have a scroll bar, but you may see more items if you grab the bottom right corner of the window and drag it down.

Search, Browse, Preview, and Select Content to Add to your Course

After you select your desired course and add the openNCCC LTI tool to view your Collections, the steps below apply to Collections, Items, and Groups. Here we will focus on Collections.

Tip: In Canvas, the My Collections/My Items/My Groups window does not have a scroll bar, but you may see more items if you grab the bottom right corner of the window and drag it down.

In My Collections, you can:

  1. Select the desired collection and browse or filter results by Standards AlignmentsSubject, and Material type. Here we will select the Mathematics Assessment Project collection.

  2. Search Resources by keywords. (Note that you must be in the My Items tab or the My Group tab to search for content in My Items or My Groups, respectively.)

  3. Preview the content.

  4. Choose Select to embed the content in your course. 

  5. Let’s select the Sidewalk Stones activity for our course. 

This screen shows the teacher’s view of the Sidewalk Stones activity embedded in a course. 

  1. Return to Modules screen and click the circle at the module level or the link level to Publish. (The circle turns green when with a checkmark when published.)

Common Questions

What does the LTI Tool do?

The LTI 1.3 tool allows any educator to find learning activities that have been published to Featured Collections on your site, and embed them within assignments, modules, or other Canvas pages. If educators are members of Groups or already have a Personal Account account on your site where they have been authoring or curating content,  educators will be able to access and embed content from Group Shared Folders and personal My Items libraries using this tool. 

Do I need an existing account on this site to use the LTI Tool?  

When a course instructor launches the LTI tool, a new account will be automatically generated if the instructor doesn't already have one. This gives the Instructor access to all Featured Collections

If I do have an existing account on this site, how do I connect it to my Canvas account?

If a user has previously created an account on the platform, and then later launches the LTI Tool in the LMS, the user will be asked for a one-time identity verification to confirm linking their accounts. The user should click the Link Accounts button to verify their identity.

For example, the user will see a message that looks similar to the message below:

How do Students Access Content? 

Account information for student users is not collected or stored. Instead, students have view-only access to content that their instructors have embedded in Canvas courses.